New Jersey Do-Nows
Hope Blecher-Sass, BHS class of 1980 , has written a book titled "New Jersey Do-Nows".  The cover features photos of Bergenfield. After the cover, you will find pages of information about New Jersey.
  The format is user friendly for teachers and parents, with a target audience being third graders and older. The Book was written to encourage children and families to learn about New Jersey.  The colleagues and friends also wanted to prepare students for their studies of NJ, the focus of the fourth grade Social Studies curriculum.  You can have an enjoyable educational experience with this book.  Parents can pose questions to their friends and children, while children can quiz their friends, parents and grandparents. The book is available from the publisher at or 1-888-AFTON-NJ. 
So ask away and have a fun day!
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