Bergenfield Education Association Honors Retirees
The members of the Bergenfield Education Association held their annual 
retirement dinner at Season's Restaurant in June to honor the members of the 
association who are retiring in June or have retired during the course of the 
school year. BEA President Henry Hiush, welcomed the retirees, their families, and members of the association and expressed the gratitude and appreciation of the membership to the retires and their serve to the children in the Bergenfield School System. He noted that the retiring 17 teachers and support staff members had provided more that 480 combined years of service to the students in Bergenfield.

During the evening, a presentation was made about each retiree by another 
member of the association, who gave a brief review of the retirees contributions to the school system and the children of Bergenfield. 

The retirees included Mary Avalone, nurse ab BHS 27 years, Robert Barker, BHS guidance counselor, 34 years, Rita Bell, RWB teacher 34 years, Elizabeth Brendel, RWB teacher 30.5 years, John Cloonan, BHS teacher, 35 years; Eleanor Drinane., BHS teacher, 32 years; Anthony Errichiello, Lincoln School custodian,. 33 years; Charles  Klein, BHS custodian, 16.4 years; Chester Kovaleski, RWB teacher, 40 years; Gary Lockwood, RWB teacher, 43 years; Patricia Miller, Lincoln School Teacher, 19.4 years: Dave Rosenthal, district music teacher 6 years, Linda Rosenthal, Hoover School teacher 23 years; Phyllis Torgensen, Franklin School, 38 years; Marilyn Tomesko, Lincoln School teacher, 32 years; Eleana Van Poznak, Lincoln School Teacher, 24 years, Mary Weinstein, Lincoln School teacher, 29 years.

Each retiree received certificates from the New Jersey Education Association
and the Bergen County Education Association as well as a plaque and gift from the Bergenfield Education Association.

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