Principal Ross Medlar Retires
After 34 years as an educator, Bergenfield High School Principal Ross Medlar will have plenty of time for the bicycling and kayaking that he enjoys. Medlar's retirement was announced at the April 18th meeting of the Board Of Education. The Principal of Bergenfield High School since 1990, Medlar also coached both the boys and girls tennis teams at the school. Reflecting on his decade as principal, Medlar said he was "very pleased with the success of the teachers I have hired." Medlar said that he has hired or promoted 60 staff members at the high school.  He said he also takes pride in the writing project, which is now in its 3rd year.  He said the project is a graduation writing requirement and that this year's juniors will have to complete it by January 2001. He explained that the students have to write a 60 page report, similar to a thesis relating to careers. This project "also satisfies a state requirement and gives them insight into various career opportunities." 

His resignation takes effect after the end of the current school year and there was no immediate comment from the board about his successor.

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