The 20 year story of a Ring
A post card was received recently by the BHS Alumni Association, simply 
reading, "class of 1980 ring found, please call."
The BHS Alumni Association contacted a South Jersey resident who stated a 
1980 class ring was found.  "Rosemary" saw an article in the Asbury Park 
Press about a Bergenfield High School ring found in the sand.  A call was 
made to her son in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to provide us with the name and 
phone number of the man who found the ring while beach combing in Ortley 
The review of names in the Alumni Directory listed only one CMM in the class 
of 1980.  Thankfully Cecilia Maureen Murphy now Smith, responded to Harris 
Publishing Company with her new name and address, and was listed in the 
Mrs. Smith confirmed that she indeed had lost her ring the summer of 
graduation.  She remembered the exact moment the ring slipped off her finger 
while in the water at Ortley Beach.
A call was made to the New Jersey beachcomber who found the ring, and we are 
happy to announce the return of her ring, just in time for her 20th High 
School Reunion this November.
You can still order an Alumni Directory by contacting Harris Publishing
Company at 1-800-877-6554.

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