Class of 1956
25th Year Reunion 

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Starting on the bottom, left:
Dennis Manzo, Rosemary Anastasio Segella, Wesley Richards, Betsy Rea 
Richards, Louis Lastella, Alice Hertzig Thramann, Robert DiMasi

Second Row, left:
Gus Tsentas, behind Wesley-not sure, Frances DiMaggio Greaves, Barbara 
Chipman Susen, not sure, not sure, Berverly Swartz Pfohl

Third Row, left:
Joan Notarangeo Leary, Sandra Carlson Grady, Ann Minerley Beccari, Jean 
Cunningham Catlin, Janice Cole Fisher, Barbara Lyons Potozniak, Mary Lue 
Kubie Paczkowski, Katherine Loizides Limperis,  Barbara Dolan Minasian, 
Arlene Gambino Karausky, Muriel Kindergan Cassidy, Frances Mailly Jiminez

Fourth Row, left:
Robert Pearson, Howard Laramee, James Quinn, Valerie Vauten Majestic, Edna 
Taylor Tudor, Virginia Sheppard Waldon, Joan Masters, Jean Gabriels Vierno, 
Joanne Stefanowicz Peters, Patricia Ventrice Vuille,  Kerstin Soderstrom, 
Richard O'Dowd, not known, Robert Pereira

Fifth Row, left:
behind Valerie Vautin not known, Marilyn Mountjoy Lamb,, behind Virginia 
Sheppard - not known, Lenore Lucchesi Herbert,  Marilyn Capelli,
Edward Richards, Marilyn Capella, Edward Sheridan, Lesley Lorenzen, Leslie Guile, Roger Towle and James Tepper

Photo Compliments of
Alice Hertzig Thramann

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