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Franklin School, class of 68
 Mrs. Steer -  2nd grade
March 11, 1958                                            Photo compliments of     
Marc Connolly  '68     
     Seated 1st row (l - r): Dave Emmet, Steve Austin, Jon Kleckner
     Seated 2nd row(l - r): Barry Neeland, Michael O'Keefe, Patty Mence, Gail Miller
     Seated 3rd row(l - r): Douglas Chasik, Leslie Bush, April Ann Lyzell, Jean Conte, Dorothie Koegel, Barbara Wilson
     Seated 4th row (l - r): Rosemary Raucci, Bruce Penniman, Lloyd Kostrinsky, Deborah Jensen, Marc Connolly, Bob Murphy
 Standing (l - r): Darlene Schroeder, Patricia Rose, Linda Scagliotti, 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Steer, R. Bruce Stewart, Patricia Yanagisawa, Susan Wilber, Jim Godkin, Gary Wogisch, Donald Byrnes, Michael Birkner, Peter ?, Donna Winterich
Murray Hartman's 6th Grade
Photo compliments of
Jon Kleckner '68
click here for a larger view
back row:  Jon Kleckner, Mike Burkner, Jim Godkin, George Meyer, Bruce Penniman,
George Robertson, Dave Emmett,  Marc Connolly
    3rd row Gary Wogish, Pat Yanakasowa, April Ann, Anita Van Buren, Dorothy Koegel,
Karen Brostrom, Jean Conti, Pat Mence, Sue Wilbur, Lloyd Kostrinsky
 2nd row  Donna Winter, Darlene Schroeder,  Liz Monroe, Pat Mench, Rosemary Rauchi,
 Linda Scagliotti, Pat Rose, Murray Hartman 
1st row   Steve Austin, Dean Palius, Barry Nealand, Craig Collins, Don Byrnes, Bruce Stewart, 
Bob Murphy, Rus Reardon 

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