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Bergenfield Alumni Veterans

Who have made the supreme sacrifice for their country

You Are Not Forgotten,
Nor Shall You Ever Be

Andersson, Edvard Julius, Army,

Applegate, Ross, Army, 1967

Bell, Howard M., Army,

Block, August , Marines,

Brey, Elwood Earl, Navy, 1945

Briggs, Frederick Merritt, Navy,

Brown, Richard Earle, Navy,

Campeau, Francis, Navy, 1962

Carlson, Edwin Augustus, Army,

Chovet, Jr., Jean, Army,

Coyne, Allen J., Navy,

Cummings, Edward August , Army,

Davis, William F., Army,

Drenkhahn, Edward A., Army,

Ellinger, Jr., Eugene , Army,

Ford, Walter Edward, Army,

Fox, Edwin W., Army,

Franck, Donald, Marines, 1962

Gallagher, John Francis, Army,

Galvan, Ferdinand J., Navy,

Goetschius, John Dalton, Air Force,

Golon, Wayne Leonard, Army, 1962

Grube, Edwin, Army,

Hendrickson, George E., Army,

Holzworth, Walter, Marines,

Huber, Raymond A. , Army,

Hughes, James J., Army,

Jones, Robert Dongan, Navy,

Lafferty, John , Army,

Langschultz, Philip, Army,

Loizides, Petros (Peter), Army,

Lubbe, Jr., Walter W., Marines, 1962

Mahurter, Lawrence W., Army, 1965

Manning, Joseph Daniel, Army,

Mc Grath, Walter A., Army,

Messing, Mitchell , Air Force,

Meyns, Robert E., Air Force,

Middletown, Allan C., Army,

Minko, Antone T. , Navy, 1943

Moos, Robert F., Navy,

O'Kane, John Lawrence , Army,

Owen, Milton W., Army,

Pabis, Charles J., Army,

Pall, John Joseph, Army, 1962

Preston, William Woodrow, Air Force,

Raum, Robert Emil, Army,

Richards, Mervyn L., Army,

Richardson, Charles Henry , Air Force, 1962

Rivera, Emilio , Marines,

Roos, Thomas, Army,

Rosell, James L., Army,

Scott, Bert E., Army,

Sergant, Donald, Marines,

Sieber, Jr., George Washington, Air Force,

Simpson, Donald E., Navy,

Slater, Edward W., USA-flag,

Thompson, Floyd (Jim) James, Army, 1951

Triplett, Frederick , Army,

Zuegel, William R., Marines,

The Veterans section was created and maintained by
Eva DeMaggio Gallione, BHS '64 and Joseph DiMaggio, BHS'67