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The Class of 1970
Lincoln School Photos
Lincoln School Kindergarten

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Lincoln School - Mrs. Wilkinson's Kindergarten

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Seated clockwise from foreground:
Bob Puglis, Lynne Hesterberg, Rosemarie Vaccola, Don Waskover, Dave Glasser, ? , Reid Bascher, Mitchell Sonkin, Bob Colletti, Chris Van Bemmel, ? , Mike Grosso, Bob Witco

Standing L to R  ?, Marilyn Mosie, ? , ? , Mrs. Wilkinson, Ellen Fishman, Lynne DeMarco, ? , Janet Walko, Theresa Meuleise,

submitted by
Mike Grosso
Miss Breuckner's 3rd grade

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Row 1 Marie Gallo, Roger Lewin, Mark Peters, Sharon Cohen, 
Mitchell Sonkin, Susan Schmidt, Ellen Finky
Row2  Chris Van Bemmel, Frank Vallis?, Betty Hemmer, Pete Canino, 
Amy Boland, Brian Henderson, Kim Beagle?, Jay Kernis, Kathie Moje
Row 3 Mike Grosso, Janet Freund, Larry Catchpole, Pam Hill, 
Bob Colletti, Andrea Hoffman, Rick Bassett
Row 4 Brad Huke, Joanne Custis, Rick Drogo, Donna Costello, 
Wesley Oscartag, Lynne Hesterberg
Row 5  ?, Wayne Hashtani, Mr. Graham, Miss Brueckner, 
Theresa Meuleise, Dave Foley
submitted by
Mike Grosso
Mrs. Stock's 4th grade

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From left:Row 1 Marietta Delaportis, Steve Hamilton, Denise ?, Dieter Schaefer
Row 2 Gloria Stager, Tom Zimmerman, Barbara Smith, Fred Meyers?,
Michele Schupak
Row 3 Linda Marajanian, Steve Bauer, Jesse Schneider, ? , Jack Baum
Row 4 Don Romaniello, Mike Bumbaco, Lynne DeMarco, Bob Puglis,
Jane Schilke
Row 5 Gary Eybers, Ron Zuckerman 
Standing L to R: Barbara Harlan, Frank Rodas, Ellen Fishman, Amy Moliefski,
Mike Grosso, Miss Stock,  Gary Soloman, Jim Collins
submitted by
Mike Grosso
Mrs. Scanlon's 5th Grade

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From bottom left,Row 1  Frank Rodas, Ron Zuckerman, Barbara Smith,
Jane Schilke, Jim Collins
Row 2  Bob Puglis, Linda Marajanian, Tom Zimmerman, Barbara Smith,
Gilbert Stubbs, Dieter Schaefer, Don Romaniello
Row 3 Gloria Stager, Fred Meyers?, Barbara Harlan, Steve Hamilton, Michele Schupak
Row 4 Ellen Fishman, Steve Bauer, Marie Gallo, Mike Grosso
Row 5  Jack Baum, Betty Hemmer, Mrs. Scanlon, Mr. Graham, Michael Bumbaco, Marietta Delaportis, Gary Eybers 
submitted by
Mike Grosso
Mr. Del Corso's 6th grade

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From right: Row 1 Rick Drogo, Marietta Delaportis, Suzanne Deluca, Mike Bumbaco
Row 2 Mary Vallis, Janice Bukoveski, Tom Umscheid, Jane Schilke
Row 3 Bobbi Salloway, Arthur Anderson, ?, Mike Grosso, Robert Rossi
Row 4 Betty Hemmer, Marcy Schwarz, Linda Scott De Perto,
Roberta Weeks, Steve Fogarty
Row 5 Michele Schupak, Ron Zuckerman, Cary Otsuka, 
George Sofield, Gloria Stager
Row 6 Karen Burke, ? , Barbara Sauter, Russ Janney, Walt Libonati
Mr Del Corso
submitted by
Mike Grosso
Cub Scout Pack 176

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