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Lincoln School 
Class of '74

Kindergarten - Mrs. Austin

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first row: Russell Eastman, Larry Gelber, George ?, John Guatelli, Charles Brightman
second row: Debra Druskin, ?, Diana Dloughy, Rosemarie Imbemba, Debra  Lindsley,
Diane Mazzei, ?, Deborah Kameny
third row: ?, Robert VonderLinden, ?, ?, Marianne DiBenedetto, Nancy ?,
 Susan Paulsen, ?, Tom Stapleton, Tom Werthen
photo compliments of
Diana  Dloughy
Kindergarten Class - Miss Gecker

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left to right- top row  Jeff Goldstein, Bruce Glansberg, Kathleen Mills, Debbie Muller, Nancy McCann, Nancy Roach, Regina Drum, Louis Maletesta, Robert Struck,
2nd row L to R  Patty Quinn, Susan Paulson, Margaret Hawkins, Dorothy Miller, Mary Beth Weber, Amy Canonico, Celeste Pluchino, Karin Desposito
Bottom row L to R  Randy, Steven Novack, Gary Kalajian, Tom Hopkins, John Joedecknis, Tommy Martin, Vincent Arsi
photo compliments of
Dorothy Miller Cunningham
First Grade -  Miss Taylor
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Top row: Leann Lydon, Erin Hillyer, Mrs. Taylor, Mr. Graham, Russell Eastman,
Elissa Baum, Gail Fedyna
second row: Gary Kalajian, Judy Clearwater, Debra Lindsley, James McGoldrick
third row: Helen Sackler, Scott Dorskey, ?, ?, Patty Quinn
fourth row: Susan Wladich, Diana Dloughy, Lester Kazmarzyck, Deborah Kameny,
Laurie Juengert, David Geyra, Claire Schachter
bottom row: Sandra Richard, ?, Natalie Hinden, Jeff Goldstein, Dorothy Peterson,
Alan Dripchak
photo compliments of
Diana  Dloughy
First Grade -  Miss Gilligan

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Top L-R  Andrew Naysmith, Dorothy Miller, Miss Gilligan, Mr. Graham, Robert Hamilton, 
Lynn Eybers, Donald Kerwin
2nd row- Linda Maslanda, David Meyers, Susan Paulson, Robert Struck,
Nancy Kirsch, John O'Dowd
3rd row- Stuart Kudman, Karen Desposito, ?, Margaret Hawkins, Ronald V, Janice Vosburgh
4th row- Felicia Roveria, ?, Ellen Sauter, John Losquadro, Nancy H, Debra Druskin, ?
Bottom row- Liz Orfanidis, John Guatelli, Linda Anderson, Robert Dworskak,
Laraine Crawford, Thomas Stapleton, Debbie Muller
photo compliments of
Dorothy Miller Cunningham
Second Grade  - Miss Patterson

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first row: Natalie Hinden, Mary Beth Webber, Diana Dloughy, Gail Fedyna,
 Judy Clearwater
second row: Lee Kernis, Debra Lindsley, Patty Quinn, Linda Arnold,
Claire Schachter
third row: Leann Lydon, Alan Dripchak, Debra Druskin, Gary Kalajian
fourth row: David Geyra, Erin Hillyer, Elizabeth Orfanidis, Russell Eastman,
Jeff Goldstein
fifth row: Celeste Pluchino, Margaret Hawkins, Michael Pellegrino, 
Deborah Kameny, Ellen Sauter
sixth row: Scott Dorsky, James McGoldrick, Lester Kasmarzyck, Elissa Baum
seventh row: Carol Rounds, Dorothy Peterson, Sandra Richard, Donna Butler
photo compliments of
Diana  Dloughy
Second Grade  - Mrs. Zanetti

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Row 1 by the black board front to back- Robert Hamilton, Laraine Crawford, Dorothy Miller, Andrew Naysmith, Thomas Andriola
Row 2- Debbie Muller, Richard M, Stewart Kudman, Janice Vosburgh, John Losquadro
Row 3- Charlie Brightman, Felicia Roveria, Lynn Eybers, Linda Maslanka, Peter Vilardi
Row 4- Nancy H, Karen Desposito, Cary Adler, Linda Anderson, Ronald V
Row 5- Donald Kerwin, John Guatelli, John  O'Dowd, Robert Struck, Douglas Felten
photo compliments of
Dorothy Miller Cunningham
Third Grade  - Miss Smith

click here for a larger view
Top L-R John Guatelli, Linda Maslanka, John O'Dowd, Mr. Graham, ? , Ronald V., ?
2nd Row- Santa Pandolfo, Donald Kerwin, Laraine Crawford, Stuart Kudman
3rd Row- Carol, Charles Brightman, Daren Desposito, ?, Felicia Roveria, Tommy Werthan, Bonnie Woodcock
4th Row- Cary Adler, Susan Paulson, Walter Feldman, Linda Anderson, Robert Struck, Lynn Eybers, Steven Novack
Bottom Row- Robert Hamilton, Debbie Muller, David Meyers, Nancy H, John Losquadro, Peter Vilardi, Dorothy Miller
photo compliments of
Dorothy Miller Cunningham
Fifth Grade  - Mr. Stroman

click here for a larger view
Top Row L-R Marianne DeBenedetto, Thomas Sundell, Mr. Graham, Mr. Stroman, Mr. VanVorhees, Mathew Skoronski, Michelle Shipp
2nd Row- Kenny Erickson, Gayle Nelson, Scott Dorsky, Mary Lisa Dever
3rd Row- Rita Lipia, Harvey Egna, Jackie Powers, Dorothy Miller, Brian DeMellier, Albert Paglialunga
4th Row- Robert Dworshak, Lynn Hemberger, Janice Hoffman, Greg Eisen, Julie Tardibuno, Murray Weber
Bottom Row- Robert Vonderlinden, Laraine Crawford, Nancy Roach, Vincent Arsi, Debbie Caruso
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